Talmai - Lead by influence, not by title

Enthusiastic computer scientist and manager with 10+ years in software development, 5+ years in applied research and 7+ years managing & scaling small start-up teams. Expert in wireless networking and fault-tolerant distributed computer systems. Solid track record of execution and strong leadership to deliver high-quality products and maximize productivity. Recently project leader in data-driven services and applications for smart metro-areas, cities and buildings, IoT applications, and global R&D strategy. Currently working full time with Blockchain. Known to say what comes to mind, and not afraid of breaking out of the mold. Brags about his insane aptitude to do awesome things whenever NO ONE is around him to see it.

Can code in (almost) any programming language and adapt to (almost) any type of project (server-side, client-side, embedded, whatever). Most of it is guarded by NDAs, however, so they can’t be put on GitHub. You’ll have to trust him on this (or call him up for an interview, and let him discuss them). Lately (5+ yrs), his focus has been on practical solutions to complex problems. Title-wise he has a B.Sc. in computer science, a M.Sc. in mechatronics (Federal University of Bahia) and a Ph.D. in computer science and engineering (University of Cincinnati). For many years worked at Philips Research North America as a Senior Scientist, in the Lighting Solutions and Services Department. Now having a blast at Akamai Labs as a Senior Software Engineer.

This is his private site. The views presented here are his own, and do not necessarily represent that of his employer’s – be it positions, strategies or opinions.


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