Keeping Fresh

Senior Software Engineer

Akamai Labs
September 2017 – Present

Akamai makes the Internet business ready—fast, reliable, and secure – delivering up to 30% of all Web traffic. Akamai Labs is building a new team with a mission to strategically apply blockchain technology to business requirements for a highly available, high throughput, highly secure transaction system. I’m working to strategically apply blockchain technologies to new and innovative business areas, resulting in high-throughput transaction systems at global scale, and am responsible for component and framework designs, prototyping and proof-of-concept experiments, with demonstration of a path to production.

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Senior Scientist

Philips Research North America
March 2012 – September 2017

As the world’s leader in lighting – with an annual revenue of $30B – Philips provides advanced energy-efficient solutions for all lighting segments. As a senior scientist, solved complex, ill defined or unprecedented problems across adjacent fields. Involved in key, strategic projects, helped prepare and build cases that impact the direction of the global outdoor research and lighting organization. Conducted targeted industry research and competitive/internal analyses to identify, evaluate, and prioritize key strategic opportunities. Took the lead in shaping technical platforms, solutions, R&D activities, intellectual property generation, and influencing external activities with our partners.

Given vast experience with large-scale distributed systems, was placed in management role of team responsible for developing and validating tools to support lighting solutions and advisory services businesses. These enabling tools, integrate the lighting value chain in the city lifecycle and advise the city into unlocking the LED value potential. From the technology standpoint, used Python with Django and Celery, GO and modern javascript libraries (jQuery, D3). Additionally, took ownership in developing novel methodology and technology toolset for assessment of city lighting infrastructure. This included developing for the Android tablets/phones, as well as Google Glass.

Led a portfolio of smart metro-area research projects, with combined annual budgets of ~$2mil, and a globally distributed team of researchers and developers based in the US, Netherlands and Germany.

Finalist of the 2014 Philips global Business Improvement Competition (BIC), where over 5000 projects where submitted company-wide. The tools and methodology previously described where proven to effectively provide continuous improvement to the solution selling process, generating and enabling millions of dollars to date.

Research Assistant

Drug Discovery Center, University of Cincinnati
September 2009 – March 2012 (2 years 7 months)

Developed a number of in-house, web-based, applications for streamlining small molecule screening workflow. Integrating all existing code into one comprehensive web-based system know as Compound Manager (CM). Which allows for a centralized repository of drug
discovery efforts. In it’s current version, built in Java and using Spring Framework and Hibernate ORM, CM manages all of UC-DDC’s compound library (compounds, microtubes, vials, racks and plates), as well as their physical location (shelves, boxes and hoods) within facility. It is also capable of handling all internal and external compound requests, and subsequent updates. A natural evolution includes the ability of uploading and analyzing detector data from high-throughtput screening (HTS) equipments, allowing for a software package that consolidates all generated drug discovery data.

Research Assistant

Center for Distributed and Mobile Computing, University of Cincinnati
September 2008 – March 2012 (3 years 7 months)

Research and development on dependable heterogeneous wireless networks and dealing with the inherently massive uncertainty issues. Additional topics include fundamental group communication primitives such as reliable broadcasting, consumer mesh networks, energy efficient green networks and indoor localization. Built simulations in Java, C/C++, and the NS-2 simulator, as well as hands-on experiments on TelosB motes running TinyOS.

Professor of Networking and Distributed Computing

Faculdade UNIME
February 2007 – July 2008 (1 year 6 months)

Taught advanced distributed computing courses, as well as undergraduate networking course for the CS department


Instituto Recôncavo de Tecnologia
2004 – 2008 (4 years)

* Developed projects that helped position company in key, research-oriented projects, including partnerships with Samsung (Wireless Division), Sanmina-SCI (Contract Manufacturer), Semp-Toshiba (Computer Manufacturing Division), SMS (Uninterrupted Power Supply Manufacturer) and Gertec (Commercial and Bank Automation).

* Deeply involved with programming with the most influential web enabled languages (Java, .NET, PHP) and immersed in C/C++ embedded software and hardware development, including a few real-time and many linux kernel drivers projects.

* Development work on web-enabled javascript-based U/I front-end to systems.

Founder Sidekick, Research-oriented consulting start-up

January 2001 – July 2008 (7 years 7 months)

Founder and CEO of small consulting firm dedicated to provide research and development services and projects, aiming to aid its clients through a competitive technological differentiation and innovative solutions.

* Collaboration with business owners and other engineers to find solutions (get-it-done mentality).

* Helped develop desktop and web-based Java applications. One of the lead programmers of a no- break management software consisting of a multiple interaction possibilities: web, desktop, mobile (Java ME) and embedded versions, relying on HTTP, RMI, and SNMP protocols. Also took part of a linux diagnostic tool project.

* Experienced full life-cycle of software development: acquired capability of identifying high-level requirements as well as implementation details.

* Participated in the hands-on development of many embedded projects, including a linux hand- held (hardware specification and design; driver/software porting), a gps/gprs-microcontroller- based security system, and a palm infrared-based game. These projects involved everything from Rabbit’s RCM2200/3750, to Samsung’s S3C2410 and Marvell’s XScale PXA250/270.

* Built strong relationship with game development groups and led many projects with emphasis on the casual gamer.

* Project management skills included monitoring ongoing developments inside and outside the clients’ environment to keep informed and anticipate problems. Project Management practices based on PMBOK (PMI).