Interesting article on the views of 2 experienced venture capitalists, and what they look for when they invest in game startups. TL;DR: The following list can be applied to any industry.

1. Hyatt’s number one metric for games that interest him as investment prospects: Day-one retention, i.e. whether new users come back the next day to play.

If people don’t use your app, product or service often, you’ll never get marketshare.

2. What’s the aspiration of a player?

Why are your clients willing to use your service? Why would they open up your app?

3. The developer should know what they’re best at, and be able to explain why and how. “A small company can’t be good at one hundred things,” Hyatt says. “They can only afford to be number one in one area.”

Obvious. And finally…

4. Don’t just talk about how good your game is—prove it with user data